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The CHURCHES of FAITH, Inc.                                         Membership

The Churches of Faith Inc. Membership and Locations


  • Charity Baptist Church                        (New York City) 

  • Successful Start Ministries                 (Pennsylvania) 

  • Alpha and Omega Church of Faith   (North Carolina) 

  • Sacred Hearts Church of Faith          (New York City)

  • Church of the First Born                     (New York City)              

  • Touch Hearts Christian Center          (Virginia)

  • Soul Saving for Jesus Christ               (New York City)

  • Walking in the Truth Ministries         (Virginia)

  • The Church of The Open Door          (New York City)

  • Earth to Heaven Ministries                (New York City)

  • Church of The First Born                    (New York City)

  • Anointed by God Ministries               (Baltimore Md)

  • First Bethel Church                              (New York City)

  • Healing Hearts Chaplaincy Ministry (Manhattan, NY)

  • Outreach Christian Cathedral Ministry (Brooklyn, NY)

 The Churches of Faith Inc. Partners

  • Apostle Haywood McCoy                             (North Carolina)

  • Grace Kingdom of Dominion Ministries    (South Carolina)

  • Apostle Camilla Petty                                    (Virginia)

  • Prophet Valentino Davis                               (New York City)

  • Elder Andre Herbert                                      (New York City)

  • Minister Maurice Marion                              (New York City)

  • Chaplin Marion Contee                                 (Virginia)

  • Apostle Kim Best                                            (New York City)

  • Bishop Wayne Pitts                                        (New York City)

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