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The CHURCHES of FAITH, Inc.                                            Documents

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Pastors, Churches and Ministries which have the desire and confidence to exist under the direction and Leadership of The Churches of Faith Inc. will become an entity of this Organization; The leadership will act as their covering and speak into the lives of the Pastor and/or church, or Ministry. 

All members of The Churches of Faith, Inc. (COF) are required to pay annual membership fees.  Why do we ask members, churches and ministries to support the organization financially?  There are many great benefits that individuals, churches, and ministries have available to them by becoming a part of The Churches of Faith.  COF provides a spiritual covering that is vital to any spiritual endeavor.  In COF you will find fellowship, encouragement, and accountability that will strengthen your ministry.  Additionally, you will be welcomed at convocation banquets, conventions, retreats, mission opportunities, youth camps, training seminars, plus many other outreaches and ministries supported by the organization.  

Speak to My Heart - Donnie McClurkin
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